Thursday, February 23, 2012






My friends, this sunday i will go kuantan, 530am depart from KL, estimate will reach Kuantan ard 830am. After the green gathering dismiss, will travel back to kl latest by 3pm.
if you are interested to join us, or to show support to Green 2.0, you are welcome. please drop me an sms, email, whatsapps or call me, if you want to follow us.

it is the time for us to wake up and conveys a strong message to the BeEnd Government that WE DENY LYNAS, as well as BN!

Act now, and change our future.
See you in Kuantan!

(for those who cannot attend the gathering in kuantan, please try to go for green gathering in others place (refer to the pic below), also, dun forgot to wear GREEN on this sunday to show your support. last but not least, make your FB profile pic as green as possible lah! hoho)

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